Bandung Zoo

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Learn about the natural environment and wealth of flora and fauna you can do in Bandung Zoo. Bandung Zoo is located on the west campus of Institut Teknologi Bandung, precisely on Jalan Taman sari.

On the front page you will be greeted by a herd of elephants and bebearapa aviary. Walk a little to the region you will see the various types of snakes. Not far from there is the topsy-turvy tour of animals, including elephants and camels. Not only that, playing tourist boat on artificial pond you can expect. To be around the pond with paddle boat you have to pay Rp. 2000, -.

There is also a playground for children with various games. To enter the Zoo area, you just pay Rp. 9000, - just and free to enjoy the contents Zoo. Bandung Zoo was built in 1933 which merupakkan merger 2 zoo is from Cimindi and Dago top designed by Dr. W. Treffers. The merger is intended for second place is no longer feasible to store a variety of animals which grew more and more.

address :
Jl. Kebon Binatang No. 6 Taman Sari Bandung – 40132
West Java, Indonesia
phone: +62 22 2507302

  • Information
  • Toilet
  • Mosque
  • Place shelter
  • Settee
  • Ash can
  • Food booth & beverage
  • Building demonstrate
  • Museum pickling of animal.

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