History of Bali Tourism

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If in Roman times people do travel for practical needs, desires and wants to know the religious impulse, then the Hindu era in the Nusantara / Indonesia especially in Bali has happened because travel is also a religious impulse.

Travel Rsi Markandiya around 8th century from Java to Bali, have made travel with keagaman missions. Similarly, the professor who developed the concept Kuturan Tri Sakti in Bali came later 11th century Nirartha Dang Hyang (Pedanda Rawuh Wawu Sakti) in the 16th century came to Bali as a religious mission with emphasis on the concept of Ceremony.

International travel in Bali has begun in the early 20th century that Bali was previously discovered by the Dutch in 1579 that the expedition (Cornellis de Houtman) on his journey around the world in search of spices and then to Indonesia.

From the mission Java sail to the East and from a distance terlihatlah an island merimbun. He thinks the island produces spices. After they landed, they did not find spices.

Only a culture of life in their view is very unique, never seen in other places during their visit around the world, nature is very beautiful and has a magnet / special attraction. The island by its inhabitants called the Bali. This is what they reported to the Dutch king at the time.

Later in the year 1920 start of European tourists come to Bali. This occurs because the trading ships of the Dutch KPM (Koninklijke Paketcart Maatsckapy) who in his search for spices in Indonesia and also that these ships had passengers on its way to Indonesia and then they introduced in Europe in Bali (The Island of God).

Of the European tourists who visited Bali there are also the artists, both literary artist, painter and dance artists. In a subsequent visit many of these artists who write about Bali such as:

Literary artists

Dr Gregor Krause is a German who was sent to Wetherisnds East Idies (Indonesia) served in Bali in 1921 which was commissioned to make the writings and photographs concerning the system of Balinese life. His book has been spread around the world in 1920 concerned living in Bangli.
Miguel Covarrubias in his book The Island of Bali in 1930
Magaret Mead
Collin Mc Phee
Jone Bello
Mrs. Menc (Ni Ketut Tantri) with his book Revolt in Paradise
Roelof Goris with his inscription Bali settled in Bali in 1928
Lovis Conperus (1863-1923) with his Easwords (a visit to the East) praise of Bali especially Kintamani.
Artists Painting

R. Bonet build a museum Ratna Warta
Walter Spies Tjokorde start a foundation with the association. Besides known as a painter he was also writing a book entitled Dance and Drama in Bali. First time in Bali in 1925.
Arie Smith who formed the flow of young artist
Le Mayeur person in Belgium to take his wife lived in Sanur, Bali in 1930 with Le Mayeur Museum in Bali 5. Mario Blanco of Spain was also a painter married to a Balinese and settled in Ubud.
And many more artists both foreign and Archipelago as well settled, take a good picture of objects and written about Bali. And the writings of Bali began in 1920 had spread throughout Europe and America.

The foreign tourists who had been to Bali and then share the experience during his visit in Bali to his friends. Dissemination of information about Bali well as writings on Bali and the story of mouth led to Bali is known in many countries. Even to this day the name of Bali is still more commonly known than the name of Indonesia in foreign countries.

To anticipate this will disseminate information about the tourist destination (DTW). Bali always put the name of Indonesia, whether it is the dissemination of information through brochures and at exhibitions held in foreign countries. So that Indonesia is expected to name more recognized and understood that Bali is one of the provinces in Indonesia and is part of Indonesia, not vice versa.

To accommodate the arrival of foreign tourists to Bali it was established in 1930 the first hotel in Bali, Bali Hotel is located in the heart of Denpasar, besides that, there was also a rest house located in Kintamani tourism area.

Guesthouse is very strategic to be able to see the natural sights and unique Kintamani has its own charm in the eyes of tourists, even the very strategic rest house to watch the eruption of Mount Batur and smoke.

According to local belief, when Mount Batur erupted many fine spirits spread around Kintamani, therefore the local community makes the ceremony so that peace is preserved village.

At Mount Batur erupted in the past tahun1994 more Kintamani area visited by tourists who want to see Mount Batur attractions activities. And the local community gets any provision of the visit.

Balinese name more famous in 1932 after Legong Peliatan entourage traveled to Europe and the United States on the initiative of strangers and the next year more and more Balinese dance with whom traveled to foreign countries. During the show's performances always get thumbs-up.

The more famous the name of Bali in foreign countries, foreign tourists visit more and more come to Bali. Various nicknames given to Bali, among others:

The Island of Gods
The Island of Paradise
The Island of Thousand Temples
The Morning of The World by Pandit Nehru Jawahral
The Last Paradise on Earth and so forth.
Bali Tourism splendor never stopped since the outbreak of World War I in 1939 - 1941 and World War II years of 1942-1945 and continued with the Independence Revolution of 1942-1949.

New in 1956 pioneered tourism in Bali again. In 1963 established Hotel Bali Beach (Grand Bali Beach is now) and was inaugurated in November 1966. Hotel Bali Beach (Grand Bali Beach) has its own history which is the only hotel floors 9 (nine) in height more than 15 meters.

The hotel was built before there is provision that the maximum building height in Bali 15 meters, in accordance with a decree from KDH. Tk. I Bali on 22 November 1971 Number 13/Perbang. 1614/II/a/1971. It contained among other buildings in the area that the high Balinese coconut trees maximum height or 15 meters.

Hotel Bali Beach founded on the spoils of war costs from Japan. This hotel was once burned on January 20, 1993, at the time the hotel is on fire occurred strangeness room number 327, the only room that did not burn at all.

After the Bali Beach Hotel was inaugurated in the month of November 1966 was inaugurated in August 1969 Ngurah Rai Airport as an international port. Tourism in Bali held a more intensive, organized and planned when I started on Pelita launched April 1969.


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