Legendary Tangkuban Perahu

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Located in Lembang, this place is only within 30 minutes drive from Bandung (when the traffic is light). Tangkuban Prahu is actually a volcanic mountain. The shape resembles an upturned boat, hence, the name. (Tangkuban Prahu in Sundanese means, more or less, upturned boat) There is a legend involved in the creation of this mountain.

It is said that long time ago, there was a couple very much in love. They had a son called Sangkuriang. For some reason, the husband couldn’t walk around in his true form, so he was forced to assume the form of a dog. Sangkuriang loved the dog very much. One day, Dayang Sumbi, Sangkuriang’s mother, felt like eating a deer’s heart. Sangkuriang tried to hunt for a deer, in vain. In desperation, he killed the dog and took the dog’s heart to his mother. Dayang Sumbi, finally realizing that the dog had died, became extremely angry. He hit Sangkuriang, causing a wound on his forehead. Sangkuriang then fled, living somewhere else. Years had passed and Sangkuriang had grown into a fine young lad. Dayang Sumbi was as beautiful as ever. Sangkuriang met Dayang Sumbi then fell in love, not realizing that she was actually his mother. Dayang Sumbi shared the same affection, until she noticed the scar on Sangkuriang’s forehead. Convinced that she had found her lost son, Dayang Sumbi refused Sangkuriang’s marriage proposal. Sangkuriang persisted, so Dayang Sumbi asked him to build a big ship during the night. She thought Sangkuriang wouldn’t be able to finish this task. She was wrong—dawn was near, and the ship was almost complete. Dayang Sumbi then tricked the roosters to crow earlier, so Sangkuriang would think that the time was up. Sangkuriang was fooled. In bitter anger he kicked the ship aside. The ship then turned into a mountain.

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