Maribaya Waterfalls in Bandung West Java

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Waterfalls, recreation grounds and a magnificent gorge make Maribaya, just a few minutes east of Lembang, a very popular resort. On Sundays this is a particularly crowded spot. Minibuses and horse carts are frequent from Lembang. Maribaya draws many Bandung residents on Sundays because of the hot springs which are channeled into a small public pool and various private cabins. Some come here for the children’s playground and horseback ridding (about $3/hr.), and many just to have a picnic in the park.

A magnificent walk leads through the Cikapundung Gorge to Juanda Park, about an hour and a half away. The path leads first to a waterfall (unfortunately, no swimming is possible) and then in to the gorge. Farther on the path forks: left leads out of the valley again, up the slope and to an other fork where turning left takes you to an impressive view points just above Maribaya; the path to the right takes you to Dago. Walking further through the gorge you reach Juanda Park, passing Japanese World War II bunkers along the way. Another hike back to Bandung begins at the new car park posted “Curug Omas”, which is 5 km from the Lembang crossroads and before you reach Maribaya. This path provides far better views than the rail in the gorge. This trail, too, goes to Juanda Park or, some forty-five minutes longer, to the Ciumbuleuit area. Directions Go straight (east) at the Lembang crossroads and follow the charming tree-lined road. Some 4 km from Lembang the roads begins to dip steeply into the Cikapundung Valley. If you go by horse cart you have to walk this last downhill section. The Maribaya recreation park is 5.5 km from the crossroads. 

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  1. I still remember, I have a beautiful memory at this place