Chicken porridge "Mang H. Oyo Bandung Tea"

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Chicken porridge "Mang H. Oyo Bandung Tea"

Chicken porridge that is one of the favorite breakfast for many people. One of the culinary Bandung who is quite famous and legendary is the "Chicken porridge Mang Oyo H. Tea" this. Thickness is the main porridge, I wonder if we plates back, chicken porridge is not overflow     thick. Oyo pulp plasticity associated with this material. In making porridge, he was selective in choosing raw materials. Rice was taken directly from the origin, Majalengka, where he has 2 hectares of paddy fields. When the rice is not of Majalengka, perhaps, a thin porridge. So after the washed rice, and mixed with chicken broth and spices and stirred until cooked in the boiler. making regular starts at 02.00. Therefore, without any use what-(plain porridge) taste of chicken pulp Mang Oyo is still delicious.various the "topping" was given the unique terms, a course Atel (Chicken having a speech impediment), Atelpin (Chicken Pindang having a speech impediment), apple (Ati Ampela), Paragraph (Chicken Ati), Random (Chicken Cakue), marijuana (celery), and Krikil (Kacang soya). Now for a comprehensive portion of chicken porridge (Chicken, Cakwe, Ati Ampela and having a speech impediment) we have to redeem the price of Rp. 12,500, whereas you without having a speech impediment Rp.10.000. I like the Ati Ampela can choose Atel worth Rp. 9000.

I choose to drink bajigur beverages warm

I have visited the chicken porridge Mang Oyo during this return to Bandung. Branch on Jl. Sulanjana. Place such as pujasera, menu mainstay pulp with chicken this course. So in one branch of this wide range of food and beverages available. So impressed "Bandung" is, I choose to drink bajigur beverages warm. Sunda typical drink made from coconut milk with brown sugar this indeed suitable for warm water bandung cool.

Chicken porridge Mang H. Oyo was legendary and has a loyal customer, so that many people names that start scalp follow-up laris.Mang Oyo feel it necessary to write down the branches from the original pulp chicken this is on Jl. Gelapnyawang (ITB), Jl. Sulanjana 30, Jl. Ir Soetami (University Maranatha), Jl. Surapati 63, Jl. Pickaxe No.3 (Turangga area, behind Hotel Horizon) and he said there is one branch in the city of Yogya. Outside the branch he is False. So make that enjoy pulp virulence Mang Oyo please direct rocket to place the above, guaranteed ....

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