holidays in Turkey to the Mediterranean sea Side

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Finding cheap offer for a holiday in Turkey in the winter in Europe are nothing special. This is what we flicked to take vacation packages to southern Turkey, exactly to the Side on the Mediterranean Sea.

Actual destination on Turkey's Mediterranean lot. Starting from the south towards Istanbul Bodrum, continues through to the Taurus mountains to Antalya and Alanya. The last major city in southern Turkey is Adana. All these cities have the remains of Roman glory in the past which is very worthy to be enjoyed.

Set foot in the Antalya international airport in March, we were greeted by the cold wind and rain heavy enough. Temperatures around 12 degrees Celsius at the time. The bus that took us to the hotel very good category, clean and modern. Along the coastal highway that will take us to the considerable Side. As information, so far in Southern Turkey there are no toll roads. Toll road in the new Turkey in Istanbul that led to Ankara.

Hotels that we take on vacation this time including the category of hotel club which means we are free to use all the existing facilities at this hotel. Including all food and beverages available (except for imported alcoholic beverages) can we consume no longer subject to additional fees. Most hotels on the coast of Turkey has used this standard. Unfortunately indeed, because we think this is enough 'damage' market there are local restaurants around the hotel. The hotel is located in Sorgun, about 6 km from Side.

Side itself is a beautiful old town. Easily reached from the hotel which we are living with Dolmus (originally written using a comma under the letter S, read Dolmusch). Dolmus itself is a typical Turkish public vehicles, such as mini-buses in Indonesia. The price was not too expensive. Additional info, fuel prices per liter in Turkey it is more expensive than the price of fuel in Germany!

Side has a amphitheather which only half-destroyed condition. If you want to enter this complex Amphitheater, the charge 6 Euros or 12 Turkish Lira. Do not be surprised, Southern Turkey was visited by many tourists from Europe especially from Germany, so many Turkish people here understand German. Other tourists come mostly from Russia. For those of you who only mastered English, sometimes takes more effort if they want to communicate with people here. The seller in Turkey, also prefer to sell at a price of Euro. Actually in imerupakan tricks vendors to get the 2-fold advantage. For example, when we wanted to buy ice cream prices are listed on the board with the price of Lira. Suddenly, the shopkeeper came with another board that listed prices in Euro clearly equal to the price of Lira! Simultaneously we immediately turn around and find another store that would sell ice cream at a price of Lira on us.

Which should be seen in Side than his amphitheater course the Apollo Temple which is located by the sea. The ruins are very beautiful, especially when viewed from another beach illuminated by the sun as it dipped. If you like a visit to the local market there once a week, in this market Side held on Saturday. However, no precise location in the old town of Side, but about 3 km outside the city near the great mosque. Markets in Side telalu not large, but comfortable enough to wash the eyes. Goods are sold mostly textiles ranging from clothing to pillowcases and tablecloths. But there is also a small part that sells vegetables, herbs and souvenirs as well.

The closest town of Manavgat Side is. Manavgat including modern city in Turkey, because it does not have the old ruins of Roman relics. If you intend to spend, you should spend money in local shops here than in the existing market every Monday and Thursday at Manavgat. The price they gave a very fair and printed on the label, so the price is really the local prices.

Manavgat river is split by the color green. On the banks of the river offers a lot of people travel by boat across the river that sometimes the charge including lunch fare, whose goal is to see the beauty of a big waterfall in Manavgat.

If Turkey had reached the South, of course, the city not to be missed is Antalya. Antalya has a beautiful old port and very inviting to just sit on the edge of her concrete walls, looking at the ships in and out of the layer port. Antalya itself one side protected by the Taurus mountains that have Klima more friendly than other cities Taurus mountains behind it. If in March in Antalya temperature 18 degrees Celsius range, behind the Taurus mountains is still snowing.

The old city of Antalya is the nearest to the port have small houses in narrow alleys punctuated with shops selling souvenirs. Be careful with the peanut vendors here. They have a trick to give 'test' for free, then pull your hands and that the price that sounded pretty good per 100 gr. But when you ask for just a little, they will direct their paper bags filled with various kinds of nuts, quickly weighed and immediately mentioned a sudden the bag contains one pound of beans that you may not actually want! We had to pull the neck veins with the sellers here. Too bad ....

Due to the friendly klimanya, Antalya is also famous for its production of vegetables and fruits, especially citrus. Hmmmm ... citrus taste so good! Coat of arms of the program the city is decorated with citrus fruit. We also took time to visit 2 of the few waterfalls in Antalya. Duden Waterfall is located not far from the airport, on the edge of the highway. Height 60 meters fall directly into the sea. Also Kursunlu waterfall located in a beautiful garden and quiet.

Highlight this area is not to be missed is the Aspendos Theater is located approximately 50 km east of Antalya. This great amphitheater built around the year 1800 We 200.Masehi years later is still in good condition, even each year in summer there are theater performances there. This year the title is displayed 2 Troy and Fire of Anatolia. Aspendos has a capacity of about 13,000 people. It is amazing that this old theater has a very good acoustics. Aspendos is one theater in Turkey are much visited besides amphitheater at Ephesus.

Aspendos near there also remains one of the glorious Roman Aquaduct, a high-road of the stone bridges along the few miles that was used as a way to facilitate the residents in the city to obtain water from the mountains.

Also named Perge antique city is also a city that is worth a visit. The city has a pretty clear the ruins of use. The city was built about 4000 years BC and already has a very high culture. Perge can be seen in the thermal baths have heated floors and was originally covered the entire building marmor. Told that the women must pay more expensive ticket to enter the thermal baths is because the women always carry their children participate.
Besides, there also remains a large building which was once the place of the meeting of the population, there was even a board game from marmor used the men to spend time.

There are many more that can be seen in Southern Turkey. For those of you who love nature can make trekking to the Taurus Mountains. For those of you who like jewelry and leather clothing, too many factories here. You can book a sailing trip with a sailing ship along the Mediterranean Sea. All of course depends on your budget.

Currently we are taking the hotel and flight packages. But all the tours we took on the spot. Not closed the possibility to do all their own travel using public transport because the bus and dolmus is also a public transportation heart of Turkey in general. Too many taxi drivers who offer their services to deliver the tourism objects and of course price is negotiable. But according to our experience, haggling in Turkey is quite different in Asia. They are harder and less humorous in the bargain.

Turkey with all the strengths and weaknesses to make us want to return again one day. Still we have much to see and try, and of course again enjoy the pleasure of tea accompanied by a piece of baklava turkey, and enjoy the kebabs and rice wrapped in grape leaves