This is the seed of Gunung Kidul Tour 2010

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Limestone hills and caves (karst) in the region Gunungsewu, Gunung Kidul Regency, Yogyakarta Special Region (DIY), will be the object of special interest tourism in 2010 seed.

"The government of Gunung Kidul in the short term fix limestone cave area because it has the potential to be developed into tourist attraction mainstay. We continue to promote these attractions," said Head of Tourism Product Development Tourism and Culture of Gunung Kidul in Wonosari.

According to him, optimistic Tourism development as a karst area mainstay attractions will be able to grow the regional economy. Limestone area in Gunung Kidul was natural that tourism will become a special attraction.

"Special interest tourism development depends owned natural potential of each region, the potential of limestone caves in the Gunung Kidul has good prospects to be developed into tourist attraction mainstay," he said.

He said the natural resources of Gunung Kidul are manifold and have a unique and high scientific value, especially the area of limestone and limestone caves that are potential to be developed as an object of special interest tourism.

"Special interest tourism development into one of the priorities attractions cultivation in 2010, a number of karst areas which until now continue to be developed into tourist adventures, including cliffs along the beach as a place Siung complete rock climbing in Java, Seropan Cave tour and Watu Gupit, and tourism caves in the area railing Cerme, Seropan, Bribin, Grubug, Jomblang, and Kalisuci, "he said.

In addition to adventure tourism, he said, Gunung Kidul karst area is also potential for tourism and religious history, such as Caves and Cave Design Braholo Kencono filled with historical value, as well as the Cave of Mary Tritis Catholic shrines.

Karst area of Gunung Kidul district about 13,000 square kilometers, almost the majority of unique phenomena ranging from the surface (ekokarst) until the bottom surface (endokarst).

"This phenomenon is the existence of underground limestone caves decorated with stalactites, stalakmit, and underground streams potentially be developed into a special tourism area," he said.

He said, local governments continue to menggencarkan tourism promotion, both outside the region and abroad, so the mainstay tourism potential is better known by tourists and foreign tourists.

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