Bandengan beach

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Bandengan beach, or also known as Samudro Tirto Beach, is one of the leading beach tourism object is owned by, in addition Kartini Beach. Beach which is about 8 km north from the city center (town square) this Jepara, famous for its clear water, white sand area, and the grove of pandanus trees along the shores lips.
Why are these attractions are named Bandengan? From the story that developed in the community, Bandengan name can not be separated with a legend Island Publications. The legend is told about the concerns of delinquency Sunan Muria his son, Amir Hasan. Long story short, the Sunan ordered his son to live on an island that looks "kremun-kremun" (vaguely) from the top of Mount Moriah with the intention that the child is able to reap the science lesson on the island. On the way to the island by Sunan Muria was named karimun, came his son on a beach that has the marsh and in which there are many fish fish. Because of the surrounding beaches have not given it a name, then the son was named the beach with "Beach Bandengan".

Condition sloping beaches, clean water quality, and the expanse of white sand area of the main attraction of Bandengan Beach attractions. With conditions such beach, visitors can bathe as much as he enjoyed the beach breezes a clean and cool because it is far from industrial areas. Mostly coastal land pandanus tree lined grove is also suitable for activities such as camping, beach volleyball, bicycles relaxed, and others.

At the location of this tourist object is also available ready to ship tours take visitors around the surrounding beach or headed to the famous Long Island with a wealth of flora and fauna. The price was relatively affordable, at around Rp 5,000 per person to tour around the coast and Rp 10,000 per person for a single trip to Long Island. In addition, every year (usually mid-year) in Côte Bandengan also held motor cross races and kite festivals both regional scale, national, or international.

Coast is located in the Village Bandengan Bandengan, District Jepara City, Jepara regency, Central Java Province, Indonesia.

If the journey starts from the direction of the city, visitors can use the bus Semarang, Jepara. Once on Bus Jepara, visitors can go on using public transit directions Bandengan cost USD 3000 (April 2008).