Museum Geologi Bandung

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Geologist Laboratory located in Rembrandt Straat ( now Jalan Diponegoro) opened its use on 16 May 1929, taking place Congress Science Pacific IV held in Bandung Erupt World War second by the end of year 1941, causing entire/all important data and collection of other geology have to be carried over to more safe place, that is to a building in Street of Braga.

At a period occupying of Japan, activity of Geologische Dienst ( Museum Geology) start to be recognized by society and name altered to become Kagyoo Zimusho, what later; then change again become Chisitsu Chosajo in the year 1943. After Indonesia proclaim its independence, Museum Geology managed by have Indonesia under head of Arie Frederick Lasut and of Sunu Sumosusastro.

In the middle of nun of research of geology, Dutch aggression in the year 1949 causing activity a little a few/little. After Department Geology formed in the year 1952, research of geology in Indonesia return to walk with interest planned.

Renovate of Museum Geology, have been done in the year 1980 without changing its original looks architecture form of deco art, this matter because building of Museum Geology of is including into one of the cultural pledge building which taken care of by its continuity.

To anticipate growth of its function, passing To Directorate General Geology and of Mineral Resources, Governmental of Indonesia conduct cooperation with Government of Japan in activity renovates Museum Geology. Pursuant to note agreement of cooperation signed by both side on 25 March 1999, Government of Japan lift a hand donation fund in is ready of equipments of physic related to education, research, and documentation system, as for Government of Indonesia provide fund utilized to renovate building interior.

Reopening of Museum Geology conducted by President Republic Of Indonesia, Megawati Soekarnoputri on 22 August 2000, related with International Symposium of Museum Geology which is titled “To the Future: Museum Geology in Change of World” followed by expert of earth science and from museum of Japan, English, Dutch, Australian, Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, and is other.

Museum Geology, as one of the technical Unit Executor [in] Body Research environment and Development of Energy and of Mineral Resources, Departmental of Energy and of Mineral Resources, in this time have immeasurable of collection of rock type, mineral, fossil, and some artifacts from entire continent region archipelago of Indonesia.
Looked into the aspect of collect, Museum Geology represent complete and biggest museum in South-East Asia. The Collection archives, kept, and documented with system of computerized; noted around 250.000 rock sample and mineral and also 60.000 fossil from various age and type.

On the way its function, Museum Geology in this time cover research medium function, education, documentation, provide various information about earth science as well as object of tourism. With settlement of more physic of modern technological touch, in this time Museum Geology felt more attractive and is communicative, so that earn more enthused and felt by its benefit either by public society and or [all] earth man of science.

For visitor, Museum Geology opened on Monday – Thursday at 09.00 – 15.30 WIB, Saturday – Sunday at 09.00 – 13.30 WIB

Museum Geologi
Jl. Diponegoro 57
Bandung 40122, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Telp. (+62.22) 720 3205-08 (Hunting), Fax. (+62.22) 720 2669

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