Museum of The Asian African Conference, Bandung

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Inspired by will, desire to immortalize event have conference Asia African which oftentimes thrown by state leaders and Asian nation of African, hence delivering birth idea of Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, S.H., LL.M. to found Museum Have Conference Asia African.

That Idea is thrown in committee meeting forum Commemoration Of Asian Conference [of] African of Ke-25 ( 1980) and greeted either by forum, including from President of RI. Soeharto; in consequence, hence one of the Committee activity Commemoration Of Asian Conference of African of 25th is to realize the idea.

Idea founding of Museum conference Asia African is then realized by Joop Ave as Daily Chief of Committee Commemoration Of Asian Conference of African of 25th and Director-General Protocol and Departmental Consular Abroad, work along with Department of Information, Departmental of Education and Culture, local government of West Java, and University of Padjadjaran Bandung.
Museum Asia African conference have opened the forming of by President of RI. Soeharto on 24 April 1980 as top commemoration of Asian Conference [of] African of 25th and become property of republic government of Indonesia. As according to existing governmental organization chart and Decree With Overseas minister [of] Number: 144/07/VI/80/01 and Minister of Education and Culture of Number: 0815 a/U/1980 of is 25 June 1980, Museum Asia African conference have reside in Departmental environment of Education and culture of cq. Directorate general Culture which [is] its management is]supported by Governmental and Overseas Department of Province Area of West Java.

Considering specialty of content of Museum, that is overseas politics and too much him of museum handled by Directorate of museum Directorate general culture of Department Education and Culture, hence by letter Decision With Minister for Foreign Affairs. Number: 62/OR/VI/86/01 and Minister of Education and Culture of Number: 0419 a/U/1986 of[is 18 June 1986, domiciling Museum Have conference Asia African transferred again from Department Education and Culture into Overseas Department cq. Body Research and Development of Overseas Problem. Domiciling this confirmed with its exit Decree Minister for Foreign Affairs Number: 173/OT/X/97/01 23 October 1997 about Organization and Administration of Museum Have conference Asia African which its contents show museum as technical executor of Research body and Development of Overseas problem.
Museum located in next left wing of Gedung Merdeka (Independence Building) this and immortalize in around event, problem of, and influence which circuit Asian African Conference, pertained into political history museum, specially overseas politics
As for intention of founding of this museum among others is to save, collecting, looking after, process, and present information and omissions which apropos of event background, and growth of Asian African Conference; things which apropos of social aspect of culture and role of Asian African nations, specially Indonesian nation in political chess and life of world.

Despitefully, also to support the effort in order to development of culture of national, education to the rising generation, and improvement of tourism asset.

In running its function as study center, education, information, and recreation, museum supported by showroom which remain to demonstrate a number of photo and goods omission of Asian African Conference of Year 1955 and commemoration of Asian African Conference of 25th year 1980; visual audio room which present film of documentary about Asian African Conference [of] and nations expand, and also library service owning books collection and documents ( magazine, newspaper, archives, brochure, and others) containing about Asian African Conference Year 1955, its continuation conferences, Asian African nations and nations expand otherly.
To visitor, Museum Asia African conference have opened on Monday – Friday at 08.00 – 15.30 WIB, Saturday – Sunday and other national red letter day of cover, unless there is special request of visitor.

Museum Conference Asia African
Jl. Asia Afrika 65
Bandung 40111, Jawa Barat, Indonesia
Telp./Faks.: (+62.22) 423 8031, 423 3564

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