Museum Zoologi, Bandung

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Begin an effort to protection kinds of animal in Bandung Zoo collection which died, beside that available any collection of scarce animal which cremation. Around the middle of 1984, foundation of Margasatwa Tamansari necessary to build a museum which able became place for saving collection of scarce animals which died and then cremation. As one of pioneering, a cafeteria which located on the center of Bandung zoo area, exchange and became a room for saving and as showing room, Then begin 1985, this cafeteria exchange function became building of information flora and fauna Bandung zoo, on may 12, 1986 the management manage by museum unit, film, and library which is part of Bandung zoo.

Base on document which made of by foundation of Margasatwa Tamansari at September 1, 1988, building of information flora fauna exchange their name became Zoology which the management presents under information of Bandung zoo.

Problem of maintenance and treatment of the collection need special skill, begin January 2002 management of the museum overflowed to policlinic and quarantine. Museum Zoology collection, almost all collection are animals which cremation and most of them are of scarce animal collection of Bandung zoo which died and didn’t have disease, before cremation the animal autopsy before with scheme by policlinic and quarantine to security not have disease, and if the scarce animal have disease, it will be destroyed soon.

The collection which available now consists of any kind which base classification biology of the animal, those are: mammals, fowl, and fish, and crawl also cremation in form of dry also wet.
In carry their function as place for saving of data and supplier of information for any importance, museum zoology organize of the persistently exhibition which open every day for public. Beside that also organized continually exhibition which do because of requesting and cooperating with some institute, agency, and official.

Museum Zoologi
Jl. Kebun Binatang No. 6
Telp./Faks. (+62.22) 250 2770


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