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Sightseeing with beautiful scenery, the lake Batur in Penelokan and Batur mountain scenery. Foreign toris from various countries come and have lunch at this Kintamani area. For those of you who come to Bali to took time to come to the Kintamani or Penelokan, photos together with your family or your beloved boyfriend. But before you take picture Remove acung merchants who also passed on the side of you waving his wares.

Tourism Object Area is located in the village of Batur Batur, Kintamani District Level II Regional District Tourism Regions Bangli.Obyek Batur located at an altitude of 900 m above sea level with air temperature during the berhawa cool ahri and cold at night. To reach this location from the capital city of Bangli distance of 23 km. This tourism object can be passed with a motor vehicle, because it connects the city location Bangli and Singaraja city. As for the route object, Object linking tourism with the Tourism Regions Tourism Batur and Besakih Tampaksiring.


  1. kintamani nice place in the world

  2. Indonesia is very rich in culture and tourism, is one of them kintamani.. nice post..keep writing..