Sports tourism in Batam

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Sports tourism in Batam turned out to be one of the favorite tourist foreign tourists. In addition to its facilities that already meet the standards, the cost of sports tourism in Batam also relatively cheaper. Not only vigorous exercise, such as golf, diving, or bowling, a favorite of tourists. Some types of sports games had attracted many tourists from neighboring countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and others. At Harris Resort, for example, some sporting activities (sport andactivities) is now part of the menu in one vacation packages for foreigners. Ranging from sports activities for the kids to sports tours for adults.

"People who come here are like a vacation. But they also still want to be healthy. That's why they like tour packages sport, "said Harris Resort Revenue Manager, Rusli Arsyad, yesterday. Rusli explained, the current Harris Resort provide facilities for sports tourism foreign tourists. Starting from the package for children and for adults. Sport tour package consists of land sports like beach voly, Go Karting, bowling and so on. Then there are indoor sports such as snooker, billiard, soccer army, and others. There are also water sports or water sports such as parasailing, water skiing, cable skiing, banana boat, and much more.

Since early last week, Harris arrival of students Singapore International School. Of about 200 people. In addition to a sports tour packages, foreign students also get outbound tour packages and team building. In this package, they get a variety of games, such as jungle tracking, cable skiing, Go Karting, and soft water gun. Last Games is the most popular game of the foreign students. "We can not play soft air gun in Singapore. So this is very exciting, "said Benn, one of the students. For this exercise equipment, some of Harris's cooperation with the Independent Three Dimensions (MTD). MTD here serves as a provider of sports facilities such as jungle tracking outbound, flying fox, soft water gun, etc.

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