"Bakmi Jawa" in Pasundan Bandung

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Nyemek noodles or noodles with sauce, it presented a little hot on the table. In addition to the tea pot noodles tersuguh with rock sugar. While the Javanese style Walang snicker coming from Waljinah mbakyu voice. That sensation offered Java Jowo DU67 noodles shop in Bandung, West Java.

The name is an acronym for DU67 Dipati Ukur, the name of the street where the shop was located and the number clarify the position of the 67 stalls. In the name of the Java noodles still frills Original description Gunung Kidul. Gunung Kidul is a district in Yogyakarta Special Region. Residents in several villages in the district, especially from Sub Wonosari, many sellers mi berpenghidupan as what became known as the Javanese noodles.

The definition of noodles or noodles Java Java Gunung Kidul version of this noodle is cooked with basic spices and hazelnut garlic. The materials are ground using a mortar.

"We've used the mixer to smooth the onion and pecans, but the result is not good. The smell of perfume did not come out," said Murtioso Salimoen (57), owner of noodles Jowo DU67.

Spices were added various material elements to taste like tomatoes, scallions, and fried onions. Also be added on egg noodles that are deep fried first before mixed with the noodles. Added also the first chicken boiled and then fried just before mixed with noodles.

Noodles cooked by simmering, in a written godhog Java language, and fried. There is also nyemek mi. This Java language, which means water conditions, but not too much. Nyemek noodles served with water the size of about 20 percent of the size of a standard godhog noodle soup.

Pain and how it is grown Javanese noodles near Gunung Kidul sense of originality. This shop such as using charcoal as fuel as used noodle maker in Gunung Kidul. The heat from the charcoal, according Murtioso, considered the most ideal to produce the scent of pecan and garlic.

With charcoal, the heat stored in the thickness of the pan (steel pan) can be absorbed by the material perfectly. "This is different from the fuel gas that can absorb less heat," said Murtioso, mechanical engineer graduate of ITB and had been president of a state.

"We've tried with coal briquettes, but it felt like there was a sense of sulfur in the cooking," said Murtioso.

Charcoal stove was installed in the front of the shop. To maintain the stability of heat, wind diembusi furnace with a device called a blower.

How to approach a sense of Gunung Kidul originality is also sought by calling the chef from Gunung Kidul. The cook to give training to workers who also imported from Paliyan Village, District Wonosari, Gunung Kidul.

Java is hot noodles were advised to eat while still warm. If you brought home and wrapped using plastic bags, should be eaten immediately. Mi prolonged heat stored in enclosed places will be too soft, mushy, or medhok. In addition, the intensity of the delicious aroma of onion and pecan are also reduced.

Tea pot

In addition to noodles, this stall also provides a menu godhog noodles, rice noodles nyemek, and rice godhog. Spices and how to make it equal to godhog and nyemek mi. There were chaotic fried rice in the form of mixed fried rice noodles and vermicelli. Chaotic is the Java language, which means a mess.

To try at this stall is the tea pot that was rough on the tongue with a taste-Sepet Sepet fresh. Assorted tea scented with jasmine fragrant delicious. This shop used used tea Gunung Kidul citizens, among others, tea whip. Sepet Sepet taste fresh-scented savory appeared well when served hot tea, hot or cold with ice. Tea can be enjoyed with rock sugar, white sugar, or no sweetener at all, terpulang in taste.

"We deliberately chose tea from South Mountain to provide another taste of the tea-tea commonly served in Bandung," said Murtioso.

Sense of the expected Java emerged from noodles and tea was reinforced with Javanese atmosphere presented with style songs juices Java or a mix, ranging from singer Waljinah until Manthous. Shop was also built using gedhek or walls with woven bamboo poles of bamboo. Not forgetting, belangkon or waitress wearing a head covering and dressed in typical Javanese batik. That atmosphere of Java to accompany their meal of noodles anywhere in the land of Java Pasundan.


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