Sydney's most beautiful city in the Australian State

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City of Sydney has some of the most famous icon. Name the three icons of Sydney: Sydney Tower, Harbor Bridge and Opera House. Calling one of the three icons are, our mind will directly relate Sydney said.

In between busy for a week visit in Sydney, the three main icon has me go. The graceful towers of reflecting the sun rose in the afternoon. I also had to strip gardens are beautiful and of course The Queen Victoria Building, one of which is also shopping the icon City of Sydney.

Hyde Park

As the afternoon, while looking for dinner, I took a walk in Hyde Park, a spacious park beside the Church of St. Thomas. Incidentally the hotel where I was staying there at the center of town. Only 5 minutes walk from this park. In a small restaurant which used the building using the old train station of St James Station, I enjoyed the evening drinking with cakes delicious.

Once satisfied enjoying drinks and cakes I walk in the park Hyde Park. In the middle of our garden sculptures mingle with muscular young man who ran a bull and a turtle that squirts water. Next is Sandrigam flower garden dedicated to the memory of King George V and VI Gearge. This park is part of the Church of St. Thomas the elegant.

Opera House and Harbor Bridge

Is a fool if it is to Sydney but did not visit the Opera House. Though already past the Harbor Bridge twice and watched the beautiful Opera House from the bus window as he passed the Harbor Bridge, I took time to visit him up close.

I walk from the hotel to the Opera House. In this journey I found an old building that beautiful ornament.

When I arrived at the Opera House, it was still early. Blocking the sun to make opera House photo because the sun came from behind the Opera House. I had to find a possible point of photographing the beauty of the Opera House from the beach. I also got a good moment to capture a ship that sailed near the Harbor Bridge.

The Queen Victoria Building Sydney

The old building which was built in the 1890s this was originally a market town. On the home page of the building, there is a statue of Queen Victoria gracefully pensive. On the right statue is a statue of a happy dog.

Building better known by the name of the Queen Victoria Building (qvB) are on George Street. The building, renovated and reopened in 1986 is now one of the main shopping areas in the City of Sydney.

When I entered, I immediately presented with two large clock hanging. Bodinya clock is made of stone with a map of Australia and the little dolls that can be seen from the windows. Berbetuk as being the only castle decorated with a symbol of the British Empire. The two hours is still functioning properly.

Apart from the two hours of rock, the details of this building is so spectacular. Look at the floor is decorated with beautiful ceramic accent lines and circles. Look at the windows and the dome canopy decorated with glass paintings.

Once satisfied qvB exploring architectural details, I enjoyed breakfast with a cup of tea at one restaurant on the second floor. Unfortunately time did not allow me any longer in this building. Because I had to get to the airport to fly to Canberra.

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  1. Darling Harbour...! Taroonga Zoo..

    Try Perth, and you will say.. Perth is the most beautiful city in Australia. :)