"Kawah Putih" Tourist Attraction in Bandung

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Regency Bandung, West Java, has many resorts which offer beautiful scenery. Kawah Putih tourist attraction in the District Ciwidey is one of them. To reach this place, it took two hours from Bandung.

Kawah Putih is a crater lake located in Mount Patuha with 2194 meters altitude above sea level. Comrade is formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha which occurred about a century into the 10th and 12th.

One of the uniqueness of the Kawah Putih lake is the water that contains sulfur can change color, depending on the existing mineral content at the time. Sometimes the white water of the crater as if covered with snow, but sometimes turn into a bluish green.

Apart from the City of Bandung and its surroundings, visitors are also many who come from outside the city of Bandung. Do not forget, if you visited the Kawah Putih bring a jacket or sweater. For conditions where the temperature is cold enough, between 8 to 22 degrees Celsius.