To see and where to stay in Rome, Italy

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Culinary and Tourism - The only drawback I had to visit the capital of the Roman Empire, especially in high season is the high price he has to stay in Rome. Many of the hotels in Rome have great amenities but its price is high, for a more economical option for the winter season are the hostels that lower the price and amenities.

For them the best option to visit Rome with a group of friends, is the Rome apartments where we comfort and a reasonable price. It's a very interesting option that combines comfort with on a budget, another advantage q has a rental apartment in Rome is that you can have the experience of living like the locals and learn another way the city of Rome.

Once fixed the problem of where to stay, we will work to explore the beautiful city of Rome, since it has a great story to go where you can revive monuments, historic buildings and streets that form. Then I leave a list of the major sites that you visit in Rome.

Places to See in Rome, capital of Italy

Arch of Constantine in Rome
St. Peter's Basilica in Rome
Castel Sant'Angelo in Rome
Colosseum in Rome
Trevi Fountain in Rome
Roman Forum
Monument to Victor Emmanuel II in Rome
Pantheon in Rome
Plaza of Spain in Rome
Piazza Navona in Rome
Temple of Hadrian in Rome
Roman Baths

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