Festivals in Catalonia

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Culinary and tourism. Festivals in Catalonia, Catalonia has managed to maintain many customs and traditions through the years that are very common in everyday life. The most important from a viewpoint of tourists are:

Sardana: Catalan traditional dance. People in front of the cathedral on Sundays to dance.

Castellers: The "castles" are impressive human towers of up to 9 "flats." It originated in the Tarragona region, although it can be seen in popular festivals in Barcelona, especially during the "Merce".

St. George (Sant Jordi), patron saint of Catalonia: On 23 April the Catalans celebrate Saint George offering a rose and / or book, and the main shopping streets of Barcelona are filled with book stands.

Eve of San Juan: On the 23 June, the summer solstice is celebrated with big bonfires, firecrackers and fireworks, and people eat the traditional coca de Sant Joan "(pastry).

La Merce festival: This is the festival of Barcelona's patron saint, held in the week of Sept. 24, the day of the Merced. All kinds of activities are organized for all tastes and all ages. Of particular interest is the "Fire Run" (fire-breathing dragons of Catalonia), and musical pyrotechnics (fireworks and classical music next to the Montjuïc fountains).

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