Stories from France: Traditional Sitting in a piece of bread

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In the coffee shop, sipping black coffee or hot tea, accompanied by grilled bread as a snack, have a long habit of Singapore society. The tradition has now penetrated even into Jakarta.

Kaya Toast is Yakun, coffee shop owned by Loi Ah Koon who sold it to Jakarta tradition. The difference with other coffee places in Jakarta that the modern, coffee shops are owned by the Singaporean maintain simplicity in the concept of food, spatial planning, and used kitchen equipment.

Simplicity, for example, can be seen from the menu offered. For toast, there are six menus, a traditional toast, butter sugar toast, cheese toast, french toast with a rich cheese and jam, and toast ice cream.

There are also soft-boiled eggs, which by the Asia believed to increase stamina. On the menu, soft-boiled eggs were given a soft-boiled eggs.

How to cook soft-boiled eggs have the technique. Before the outlet opened, chef at Kaya Toast Yakun was already soaking the eggs in the chicken in hot water for 15 minutes. So if there is order, eggs that have been prepared in the booth was soaked again in hot water for five minutes.

The result, soft-boiled eggs are not really thick. When disendok, egg melted in the mouth. In order not too fishy, soft-boiled eggs can be sprinkled with pepper, salt, and soy sauce provided.

This simple tradition was able to attract the attention of buyers. The proof, most of the visitors who come to the coffee shop, according to Andrew Susanto, Head Supervisor Yakun Kaya Toast, chose the traditional menu Yakun Kaya Toast, such as the traditional toast and boiled eggs.

And please note, this traditional toast it simple. Two layers of caramel-baked bread for about a minute, then covered with rich butter. In the middle of the bread was given a few small pieces of butter. This dish is more delicious if eaten while still warm. If bitten was crisp on the outside, but there was tenderness in it. In addition, the combination of rich taste of peanut butter sweet and tasty, it can not be forgotten. Nyes ...!

Rich jams

Rich jams are a major mainstay Yakun Kaya Toast. All the toast at the diner is always served with a rich butter. Some people think peanut butter is rich is made from fruit srikaya. However, this is a rich butter made from coconut milk, sugar and beaten egg and then given a refined scent of pandanus.

For consumers who are not happy to enjoy a rich butter in a piece of bread, Yakun Kaya Toast outlet also provides packaged in bottles. You can bring home a tasty jam after paying USD 88,000 per bottle. They also sell coffee powder and tea bags in packaging.

Because all toast served with butter-rich, which then can distinguish one other piece of toast with peanut butter is rich complementary. There's toast butter content, sugar content of toast and butter, and cheese bread. There are also ice cream on toast with strawberry-flavored, chocolate, and durian.

What makes unique Yakun Kaya toast Toast is bread caramel is used as raw material. Caramel bread is made with special family recipes Ah Koon, but was able to make his own in Indonesia.

  "We have their own suppliers in Indonesia," said Andreas. In contrast to bread in general, more dense caramel bread. However, the menu for French toast, using Yakun Kaya Toast bread soft. First, baked French toast, and on it were kind of cheddar cheese.

"Toast be nice to start a friendship today." That's the motto Rich offered Yakun Toast to serve prospective purchasers.

Moto generation was used to commemorate Ah Koon at the coffeehouse tradition. In the past, when Ah Koon started selling coffee, tea, soft-boiled eggs, and toast in the Telok Ayer Basin, Singapore, in 1944, customers come from various backgrounds, ranging from porters, traders, moneylenders, police, and so on.

These customers can talk at the coffee shop Ah Koon hours. There are just chatting with friends until lightly talking serious business.

This tradition seems to continue in the Yakun Kaya Toast. Visitors who come to Yakun Kaya Toast outlet at the mall is also home to sit for long. Andreas studied, there are even customers who always come in the morning and evening.

Prices of food and drink in Yakun Kaya Toast relatively inexpensive. Variety of toast sold for Rp 13,000. As for drink prices vary between Rp 11,000 and Rp 15,000. Drink offered was only tea and coffee. Variations were not a lot, which is only tea / coffee original or tea / coffee with milk or cream.

Simple concept can also be seen from the interior and used kitchen equipment. If you want to view the "kitchen" Yakun Kaya Toast is usually located in front of the booth, we can see the pot-kettle with a long funnel. In the pot there is a special filter to filter the tea or coffee will be served. Pot-pot is made of stainless steel materials.

Tools to bake bread in it too simple, that is with the stainless steel wire placed a large size on the gas stove. The combination of simplicity and rich butter making people feel at home for long in the coffee shop Ah Koon.

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