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Sangeh, is a place of tourism on the island of Bali which is located on the north Ubud, Gianyar regency.

Sangeh famous because it is a village where the monkeys (monkeys) to roam freely on a hill called Bukit Sari. There was also a Hindu temple called Pura Bukit Sari. Monkey power here and is said to have three parts of the kingdom.

According to local legend Bukit Sari and this monkey was there when Hanuman, a character in the epic Ramayana, lifting the mountain Mahameru. Some parts of this mountain fell in there and since then a monkey in charge.
In Bali, many will you find monkeys or apes pretend guards indicating that there Betaranya place. Like tens Sangeh monkeys living near the forest temple. You can feed these monkeys, but be careful who took jewelry earrings, glasses, or other paraphernalia that could be removed or hidden in a safe place you reply this monkey off guard will come towards you and with fast hands This monkey-hands will take your goods without being able to do anything.