Palermo a Place with History

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Palermo, is a coastal city located in southern Italy. Has the largest port where people come to the country, and this makes for Palermo, one of the most visited provinces in the region. Palermo a Place with History

The Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, is one of the most important centers to attract visitors. There are more than 7000 bodies were mummified and buried hundreds of years and do not know why, kept in excellent condition, and today can be considered in the same catacombs, or in many museums.

Palermo a Place with History

Like that many of its neighboring cities, Palermo has a palace, during her heyday, it served as lodging for well-known political entities, and later as buildings, which provided public services. This is the case of the Praetorian Palace, which over time became the most significant museum of Palermo, where you can see sculptures and paintings of different artistic trends.

The Galleria Regionale della Sicilia, is a mansion, like the Palace above named, has paintings and sculptures of little recognition, but that gives much importance to local artists, showing paintings and works only for those born in Italy, and preferably in Sicily.

Located in Piazza San Domenico, is set Vucciria market, an attractive market, attended by thousands of tourists a year, for the excellent quality of local products and crafts produced there.

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