Travel to the Colca Canyon in Peru

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Travel to the Colca Canyon in Peru, Colca Canyon landscapes composed one of the most Bontier the world and the adventure is always present. Located in Peru, just north of the city of Arequipa, one of the largest cities in Peru, you can make photographic safaris in nature, since it has a great biodiversity including vicuna, llamas, alpacas, condors and viscacha. A special place for restless souls, is recognized as the world's deepest canyon

Travel to the Colca Canyon in Peru, Colca Canyon its origins lie in a failure of the crust, which was eroded by the passage of thousands of years by the longest river in the Peruvian coast, reaches a depth of more than 3 km, marked by villages of anthropological interest as Coporaque, with its imposing church, Yanque with its hot springs, in addition to the baths and Achoma termanles Maca.

The tours around the Colca Canyon Chivay usually begin, lies at the foot of Nevado Mismi, the farthest source of the Amazon River. After passing through the ancient town of Maca, start the canyon itself, which reaches its greatest depth near the famous lookout point of Cruz del Condor.

In addition we can practice adventure sports such as abseiling or rock climbing, rafting, photographic safari canola Canyon is a must for any ecófilo, because the site is home to over a hundred species of birds, including four types of camelids, Andean condor, and more than 300 endemic plants. The sunrises in canola yields spectacular Colca harmonious scenes of the flight of dozens of condors, an image worthy of immortalizing with our cameras.

The Colca Canyon is a quiet destination without all the tourists who keep the old flavor in their villages and ensure days of adventure and tranquility, you can discover a breathtaking sights. And best route diversity makes this trip satisfies both the expedition of race as all beginners in nature tourism.


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